2020 SCSE
AI Technology, Application and Innovation for
Digital Cities


Welcome to SEAIP Smart City Forum 2020

International Joint-Research and Training Program in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), it is our great pleasure to welcome your participation in SEAIP Smart City Forum 2020!

Following the success of the similar workshop held in SCSE2019, NCHC (National Center for High Performance Computing) continues its efforts to advance AI technology, application and innovation from the global perspective using high end computing. Due to COVID-19 pandemic impact, this year the SCSE forum transitions to an online event. Considering the time differences between continents, the window will be limited to 2 hours.

SEAIP is well received in the ICT community in regions. This year, the forum will focus on issues of AI Technology, Application and Innovation for Digital Cities. We encourage participants to join the discussion, strength the connections and develop collaborations through the exchange of research results and ideas.

Feel free to tune in and join our discussion. Stay safe and well! We hope to see you again in the near future.

We look forward to having you at SEAIP Smart City Forum 2020!


Shepherd Shi,
Chair, International Joint-Research and Training Program in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things,
General Director, National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC)


Invited Speakers

Dr. <br>Shepherd<br> Shi


Director General, NCHC, Narlabs.

Dr. <br>David <br>Corman


NSF- National Science Foundation

Dr. <br>Charlie<br>Catlett


Discovery Partners Institute, University of Illinois and Argonne National Lab.

Dr. <br>Peter <br>Arzberger


NSF; Founder of PRAGMA

Dr. <br>Cathy <br>Wu


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Dr. <br>Beth A. Plale

Beth A. Plale

Director, Data to Insight Center of Pervasive Technologies

Dr.<br> Felix<br> Wu


UC Davis

Prof. <br>José  <br>Fortes


Professor, AT&T Eminent Scholar, University of Florida


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About 2020 SCSE

The continuing growth of the IT industry in East and Southeast Asia has had an immense impact on not only the regional but the global economy as well. While IT is by nature collaborative, Taiwan has maintained a strong presence in high-performance computing and networking. Hence, the “Southeast Asia International Joint Research and Collaboration Program in High-performance Computing Applications and Networking Technology,” held by NCHC and the acronym of which is SEAIP, aims to promote the technological exchange among countries of the Asia and-Pacific region, and discuss the research collaboration that is visionary and has regional features in order to advance the technological development in Southeast Asia.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important emerging field, which applications and technology are what NCHC is being developing. As computer technologies are fully intertwined with people’s lives, AI has been applied to science, medical care, national defense, earth system science, etc. Thus, the core value and importance of AI along with the commercial possibilities cannot also be ignored. The main theme of this year’s SEAIP is, therefore, focusing on AI and its Innovation. Since NCHC holds a membership in PRAGMA and CENTRA, the researchers from our center annually attend the PRAGMA and CENTRA workshops which take place annually focusing on the big data applications of grid technologies. On July 1, 2020, NCHC, PRAGMA and CENTRA will organize the online forum, 2020 SCSE - AI Technology Application & Innovation for Digital Cities Workshop – Expedition on the Network Science Landscape, and invite renowned scholars from the United States and Southeast Asia. While discussing the analytics, data sharing and collecting related to AI and cyberinfrastructure, this workshop will help enhance the interactions between leading institutions in the US and those around East and Southeast Asia.

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