Build common exploration window, Taiwan, USA, and Japan jointly established Trans-Pacific Visualization Research & Education Collaboration Networks



Establishing Trans-Pacific Visualization Research & Education Collaboration Networks, this seminar was held at the University of Hawaii on February 5-7, 2017. There are totally 20 scholars from Taiwan, USA and Japan participated. This meeting was hosted by Jason Leigh and co-organized by Fang-Pang Lin of Center of Excellent of Cyber Enablement of Applications (CECEA)/NCHC Taiwan and Shinji Shimojo of Osaka Univesity/NICT. The goals of this meeting consist two parts, first, to have field survey of the environmental setting of Honolulu Island, Hawaii and the related green energy development, such as wind power, for geology, ecology and marine science, second, to build up collaborative visualization network based on SAGE2 technology. The activities involved visiting Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) and Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Application (LAVA). In LAVA, one can experience and operate the Destiny-class CyberCANOEs system, which incorporates SAGE2 technology further with 3D VR technology.


There are fruitful, insightful and useful discussions in the meeting. The collaboration alliance was formed and participants delegated from their perspective institutes committed to implementing SAGE2 nodes at the first place with applications developed locally. These nodes will be connected and lead to a collaborative network for future research and collaboration.