Workshop on Establishing a Trans-Pacific Visualization Research & Education Collaboration Network

Visualization is important for modern communication, research and education.  This is especially valuable for researchers situated at distributed centers in Pacific Rim countries when carrying out data intensive applications.  These include research on environmental restoration and reduction in natural disasters, climate change, smart cities, renewable energy grids, sustainable water systems, as well as the creative arts.  The Cyber-enabled Collaborative Analysis, Navigation, and Observation Environments (CyberCANOEs) is a unique and powerful tool. It has been used in many applications among U.S. institutes and can be a valuable tool for Asia Pacific joint studies.  We are calling for a workshop at the University of Hawaii on February 6 and 7, to advance collaborative visualization research and education network in the Asia Pacific Region for advancing regional partnerships.

We would like to include leaders in this conference to help identify potential research projects and scientists who are interested in partnerships, and to advance Asia Pacific collaboration using this cutting-edge tool. 

This workshop is co-organized by Jason Leigh of the University of Hawaii, Fang Pang Lin of the  National Center for High Performance Computing, NARL, and Shinji Shimojo of Osaka University.



Feb 4-5: Field exploration day of Hawaiian ecological and energy sites

Feb 6-7: Workshop meeting days

Feb 8: CENTRA/CECEA group meeting



Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii.




Additional Assistance

Karl Fitzpatrick (



Field Study:

Day 1-2  (Feb 4-5) Field Exploration

l Visiting research sites on biodiveristy, marine science and green energy. (TBD)


Day 3 (Feb 6)

●     9:00AM - Welcome Remarks by Dr. David Lassner, President of the University of Hawaii System

●     9:15AM - Remarks from three meeting co-organizers from participating countries

●     9:30AM- Keynote from Dr. Vassilis Syrmos, Vice President for Research and Innovation, University of Hawaii, on UH’s innovation efforts

●     9:50AM- Group photo

●     10:00AM- Coffee break

●     10:15AM– Participant research presentations (5 minute maximum)

●     12:00PM - Lunch & brief campus tour (iLab)

●     2:00PM - Tour of Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications (LAVA)

●     3:00PM - Discussion of funding programs that can provide future support for synergistic

●     Activities

●     3:15PM - Discussion of potential group projects, both short term and moon-shot (Breakout Groups)

●     5:00PM - Adjourn for group dinner


Day 4 (Feb 7)

●     9:00AM - (Continued from yesterday): Review project ideas & discussion of next steps

●     11:00AM - Summary of project ideas

●     12:00PM - Lunch

●     1:00PM – 6:00PM Tour of laboratories in Hawaii:
        ○     Center for Microbial and Oceanographic Research & Education

        ○     Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology


Day 5 (Feb 8)

●     9:00AM –  CENTRA/CECEA group discussions

●     11:00AM - Summary and Action Items for CECEA

●     12:00PM - Lunch

●     1:00PM – 3:00PM Cyber-canoeing Hands-on Experiences.


Attendee List


●     Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications

       ○     Jason Leigh, William Chang, Karl Fitzpatrick

●     Vice President of Research and Innovation

       ○     Vassilis Syrmos

●     Information Technology Center

       ○     Gwen Jacobs, John Burns

●     Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

       ○     Ruth Gates and/or John Burns

●     Hawaii State Energy Office

       ○     Merissa Sakuda, Mark Glick


●     National Center for High Performance Computing

       ○     Whey-Fone Tsai, Chen-Kai Sun (Caesar), Steven Shiau, Fang-Pang Lin

●     National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

       ○     Tung-Yung Fan (Tony)

●     National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

       ○     Tso-Chung sung

●     National Chung Hsing University

       ○     Ming-Der Yang, Hsin-Hung Tseng, Bayarmaa Narmandakh

●     Taichung City Government

       ○     Chingteng Hsiao


●     Osaka University

       ○     Shinji Shimojo

●     National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

       ○     Jason Haga, Ryousei Takano


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