NewsSpy -- A Real-time Keyword Analysis and Notification for Live TV News
Recently, the big data related Open Source Libraries are contending each other, including several used SDK Environment, such as Hadoop / Yarn, Spark, or Storm, etc. We have to design optimum modules and need to plot the best structures for different characteristics of applications.

© Reference: U.D. Lin, S.W. Wang, J.S. Chang, Y.S. Huang, I.H. Shiao, F.P. Lin (NCHC, Taiwan)

Real-time and Multi-format Streaming Applied to Geographic Information Systems
The real-time streaming has functionality of monitoring, which makes decision-makers to master visual information for disaster prevention. It also provides useful information for warning and decision making, such as the water level monitoring and the bridge health monitoring. For environmental monitoring, researchers can study changes in the environment, like the undersea coral bleaching. Besides, people can realize and care about the surrounding ecology.
In recent years, with the popularity of the service of Geographic Information System (GIS), people can used and browsed the related services on it more easily. People also can share the GIS information via the standard exchange format. For all kinds of monitoring services, it can be spread faster. In the feature, this paper developed a multi-format streaming platform on the basis of the three-dimensional GIS. It supports MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV, FLV, MPEG codec. People can choose and watch a real-time video streaming on it and sharing their own streaming more easily.

© Reference: NCHC, Taiwan