AI in Smart Cities –
Trends and Opportunities


2018.03.27-- 13:30-17:40

The use of IoT and big data technology to improve city governance and the living quality of citizen in general has been prevailing around the world. There has been improvement in cyberinfrastructure in general, which enables high frequency long term observational data being collected from transportation, energy, environment, disasters and opinions from social media etc. How to understand the implication of the data and to derive the insight for decision making poses a great challenge. On the other hand it also provides opportunities not only for technology advance, efficient operations of cities, better life of citizen, but also for growth of economics. In this forum we invite leadership around the world to present the sate-of-the-art technology of IoT for smart cities as well as further discussions of what the role of AI can play in bigger picture.



13:20-13:30 Opening

Jung-Shian Li (李忠憲), NCHC, TW    Fang-Pang Lin (林芳邦), NCHC, TW

Theme:AI in Smart Cities


Charles Catlett, ANL, US

Understanding Cities through Measurement and Embedded Intelligence.


Norman Peterson, ANL, US

A Nexus Between Technology and Smart Cities.


Ryosuke Nakamura AIST, Japan

Virtual Tokyo in ABCI: Toward Olympic and Paralimpic in 2020.

15:00~15:30 Coffee Break

Theme:Practices and Challenges in Taiwan.


Ethan Tu (杜奕瑾)Taiwan AILabs, TW

AI in Smart Society for City Governance.


Hong-Tzer Yang (楊宏澤)NCKU, TW

Development of Smart Community Energy Management System in Taiwan.


Yen-Jong Chen (陳彥仲)NCKU, TW

Why is A City Needed to be “Smart”.


Chin-Ten Shiao (蕭景燈) Taichung City Government, TW

How Taichung City Can Harness the Rising AI Technologies.

17:00~17:30 Round Table Discussions
Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin (林芳邦), NCHC,TW


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