Invited Speakers

Dr. William Y. B. Chang
Head, EastAsia and the Pacific Region Office of International Integrative.
Dr. Uwe Wossner
Head of Visualization Department, High Performance computing Center Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Chih-Wei Yi
Professor, Department of Computer Science, NCTU, Taiwan
Dr. Tung-Yeng Fan
Researcher of NMMBA, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Taiwan
Prof. Tung-Ju Hsieh
Associate Professor, National Taipei University of Technoloty, Taiwan
Prof. Yen-Jong Chen
Professor of Department of Urban Planning / Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy, NCKUTaiwan 
Prof. Jung-Hong Chuang
Professor of Department of Computer Science, NCTU,Taiwan
Dr. Ryosuke Nakamura
Researcher of the Information Technology Research Institute, AIST, Japan
Dr. Jason Haga
Senior Research Scientist of the Information Technology Research Institute, AIST, Japan
Dr. Kohei Matsuo
Chief Research of NMRI, Japan
Prof. Ming-Der Yang
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan
Dr. Hui-Ping Tsai
Researcher, Department of Civil Engineering, NCHU, Taiwan
Dr. Whey-Fone Tsai
Senior Research Scientist, Division of Cloud Computing and System Integration, NCHC, Taiwan
Dr. Yoshiyuki Kido
Researcher, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University, Japan
Dr. Kum Won Cho
Korea Istitute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), South Korea