Welcome to TPVisNET2017

24~28JULY, 2017 at NCHC in Taiwan


Visualization is important for modern communication, research and education. This is especially valuable for researchers situated at distributed centers in Pacific Rim countries when carrying out data intensive applications. These include research on environmental restoration and reduction in natural disasters, climate change, smart cities, renewable energy grids, sustainable water systems, as well as the creative arts. The Cyber-enabled Collaborative Analysis, Navigation, and Observation Environments (CyberCANOEs) is a unique and powerful tool. It has been used in many applications among U.S. institutes and extended in Asia Pacific through the CENTRA community (www.globalcentra.org).

Within CENTRA community a visualization alliance have been developed to adopt CyberCANOEs. Two meetings had been organized to allow people to meet and exchange ideas in developed such a tool further as well as its applications. One was HI-VISION workshop held in University of Hawaii at Manoa in Feburary 2017 and the other was visualization alliance working group CENTRA2 in University of Florida in April 2017.

To facilitate the adoption of the tools, to advance the technology for better use and to apply the technology with impact, the Center of Excellence of Cyber Enablement Applications (CECEA), which is the founding member of CENTRA, is organizing this meeting to reconvene major participants from the previous meeting, particularly from East Asia area, to update the current progress, share experiences and jointly tackle common challenges.

NCHC and collaboratively NCTU will host this crucial meeting. I personally wish you a very successful meeting and a fruitful collaboration.

Ce-Kuen Shieh
General Chair, Director General, NCHC, NARLabs

Fang-Pang Lin
Chair, TPVisNET2017