Agenda 2011

Center of Excellence of Pacofic Rim in Cyber Education and Research Collaboration 


2011 Sountheast Asia International Joint Research and Training Program 
November 29th , 2011~December 3rd, 2011 @ NCHC, Taichung, Taiwan

Day 1 (Nov. 29 Tue) ─ Resources, Network & Education (Training Courses)
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin)
 Welcome and Introduction of SEAIP2011 - Dr. Fang-Pang Lin, NCHC, NARL, Taiwan
 GPGPU Overview - Dr. Simon See, NVIDIA, Singapore
 10:15~10:25  Coffee Break
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Dr. Chih-Wen Chang
 10:25~12:10  CUDA Development Update/ In Depth Discussion - Dr. Joy Lee, NVIDIA, Singapore 
 12:10~13:10  Lunch
 13:10~13:50  Education-research Integration Using Simulation (Computational Science) on the Net -
 Dr. Kum Won Cho, KISTI, Korea 
Parallel Sessions  Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater 
(Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin)
  Crawlzilla and Ezilla Workshop @ Classroom A
 13:10~14:50  Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network - Current Status & Future Plan
-Dr. Te-Lung Liu, NCHC, NARL, Taiwan 
NCHC Crawlzilla and Ezilla Tutorials -
Serena Pan, NCHC, NARL, Taiwan
 14:50~15:20  Sharing Technologies for Cloud Computing 
- Prof. Wen-Pinn Fang, YuanPei Uni., Taiwan 
 15:20~15:40  Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions

 Status Reports from Southeast Asia Institutes
@ 3D Theater
 (Moderator: Ms. Bonita Hung)

  Geographic Information System (GIS) Workshop
@ Classroom A
 15:40~17:30 ASTI's Initiatives on Virtualization and Cloud Computing - Jelina Tetangco,
Nena Carina Espanola, ASTI, Philippine 

Accelerator for Multi Sequence Alignment Using the Parallel Computing Technology CUDA on GPU
Pham Hong Phong, HUT, Vietnam 

Ant Colony Optimization for NP-hard Problems
- Do Duc Dong, VNU, Vietnam

Memory Models for Scalable Dataflow
- Boris Arnoux, TPT, Paris 
Introduction of WorldWind Taiwan & WMS Cloud,
- Jo-Yu Chang, NCHC ,NARL, Taiwan

Co-life on-line Meeting Platform Introduction and Hand-on Experience 
- Jen-Gaw, Lee, NCHC, NARL, Taiwan
 17:30~19:00  Dinner
Day 2 (Nov. 30 Wed) - Opening & Large Scale Computing
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater  (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin)


 Welcome Opening
  • Mr. Yu-Hong Shan, Director, National Science Council
  • Dr. Chih-Min Yao, Deputy Director, National Center for Hight-Performance Computing (NCHC), NARL 
  • Dr. Jee-Gong Chang, Representative Tainan Branch, NCHC, NARL 
  • Dr. Peter Arzberger, Chair, Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly/ Principal Investigator/ Director, National Biomedical Computing Resource (NBCR), USA 
 09:20~10:10 Global Collaboration Networks to Address Global Challenges: Opportunities and Challenges 
 Dr. Peter Arzberger,
 Chair, Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly/ Principal Investigator/  Director, National Biomedical Computing Resource (NBCR), USA
 10:10~10:30  Group Photo / Coffee Break
Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater  (Moderator: Mr. Yi-Haur Shiau)

Cyber-commons - A High Resolution, High Bandwidth, Collaborative Lens for Focusing Attention to Solve Data -rich Problems 
Prof. Andy Johnson, EVL, UIC, USA 

 Feasibility Studies of HPC Cloud - Dr. Yoshio Tanaka, AIST, Japan 
 12:10~13:20  Lunch
Parallel Sessions  Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin)

 GEO Grid Disaster Response Task Force Report
Dr. Masashi Matsuoka, AIST, Japan 


Experience Sharing of Flooding in Thailand - NECTEC, EGAT, Thailand


 15:30~15:50  Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions 3D GIS Platform Presentataion @ Lobby (Moderator: Dr. Whey-Fang Tsai)
 13:00~17:00  3D GIS Platform Presentataion
  - Geo Lab
  - World Wind Taiwan + iZ3D
  - WebM 3D GIS+ 3D Vision PC 
  - TDW
 18:00 ~  Banquet & Culture Exchange
Day 3 (Dec.1 Thur) ─ Networking & Middleware 
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin)

Human Augmentics for Sustained Wellbeing, 
- Prof. Andy Johnson, EVL, UIC, USA 

Interactive Simulation and Visualization in City and Regional Planning 
Dr. Uwe Woessner, HLRS, German  
 10:30~10:50  Coffee Break
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Dr. Chih-Wen Chang)

Future Internet and Its New Opportunity for Cloud and HPC
Prof. Shinji Shimojo, NICT/ Osaka Uni., Japan 

Standing at the New Horizon of E- Culture at The National Palace Museum 
- Dr. Que-Ping Lin, NPM, Taiwan
 12:10~14:00  Lunch & Informal Collaborative Discussions
 14:00~15:30 Practical Cloud Interoperability Experiments Across International Boundaries in PRAGMA
Dr. Phil Papadopoulos, UCSD, USA 
 15:30~15:50  Coffee Break
Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Dr. Chih-Wen Chang)
 15:30~16:30  Institutional Reports from Southeast Asia Countries
 16:30~  City Excursion (Self Organized)


Day 4 (Dec. 2 Fri) ─ Collaboration & Culture Experience @ Xitou Experimental Forest (by Invitation Only)
Session 1 (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin) @ Conferene Room of Xitou
 07:30~15:00  Culture Tour
 15:00~16:00  Travel to Xitou, Taiwan University Experimental Forest
Session 2 (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin) @ Conferene Room of Xitou
 17:00~18:00 Exploring the Biodiversity in the Traditional Medicine: an in Silico Target Identification Approach -Dr. Jung-Hsin Lin, Academia Sinica
Day 5 (Dec. 3 Sat) ─ Biodiversity & Conclusion @ Xitou Experimental Forest (by Invitation Only)
Session 1-2 (Moderator: Dr. Fang-Pang Lin) @ Conferene Room of Xitou

Welcome & Introduction of Biodiversity Workshop
- Dr. Peter Arzberger, Chair, Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly/ Principal Investigator/ Director, National Biomedical Computing Resource

Biodiversity Presentations from Southeast Asia
- Philipine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam,Combodgian, Laos
Biodiversity Science: A new, Unique Cyberinfrastructure Challenge: Or Familiar, Generic Problem Space?
- Dr. Reed Beaman, FMNH, University of Florida  
- Prof. Shahir Shamsir, BIRG/UTM, Malaysia 
Leveraging  Malaysia's Biodiversity towards Value Creations using Bioinformatics
-Dr. Habibah A Wahab, IPHARM/ USM, Malaysia and Dr. Shaharum Shamsuddin, USM, Malaysia 
Exploring the Biodiversity in the Traditional Medicine: an in silico Target Identification Approach
- Dr. Jung-Hsin Lin, Academia Sinica/ NTU, Taiwan 
Biologically Active Natural Products from Indonesian Plants
- Prof. Unang Supratman, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia 
 Pharmacoinformatic for Drug Discovery from Natural Product
Prof. Muchtaridi Roali, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia 
Old Questions, New Problems, Challenges & Opportunities
Dr. Hen-biau King, TERN, Taiwan 
Integrated Information Resources for the Plants of E and ES Asia
- Dr. Cam Webb, Harvard University, USA 
Fingerpringint to FIght Illegal Logging
Dr. Charlotte Germain - Aubrey, University of Florida/ FMNH, USA 
-  Dr. Adam Murphy, Global Diversity Foundation, UK 
- Prof. Darlina Md. Naim, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 
- Prof. Pampang Parikesit, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia 

Coral Reefs and Cloud Forest Monitoring
Dr. Sirilak Chumkiew, NECTECThailand  
Building Sustainable Landscapes
Dr. Grace Wong, Conservatie International, Taiwan 
Informatic Interests
Dr. Fang-Pang Lin, NCHC, Taiwan 

 Research Related to Biodiversity
Prof. Andy Johnson, University of Illinois at Chicago 
- Dr. Uwe Wossner, HLRS, Germany 
-  Dr. Nattapon Chaaim, NGAT-NECTEC, Thailand 
 Questions and Challanges
 15:00~16:00  Collaboration Discussions & Conclusion

   SEAIP & PRAGMA_BioCI workshop report download


Conference Venues
National Center for High Performance Computing at Taichung
12/02~12/03 Xitou Experimental Forest, National Taiwan University
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