Agenda 2009

Center of Excellence of Pacific Rim in Cyber Education and Research Collaboration
2009 Southeast Asia joint Research and Training Program
November 30th, 2009~December 4th, 2009 @ NCHC, Taichung, Taiwan
Day 1(Nov.30Monday) ─ GeoScience & Telescience 
 Welcome Opening 3D Theater
 Welcome Opening
•NSC delegate
•NARL delegate
•Eugene Yeh, Director, National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC)

Plenary Talk





Moderator: Whey-Fone Tsai

Collaboration in PRAGMA: From Technology Trends to Education and Societal Impact  - 
Peter Arzberger, PRAGMA / NSF (VTC)

New Thinking of Debris Flow Disaster Monitoring System - Bing-Jean Lee, Feng Chia University

Update of Taiwan Space Program - Guey Shin CHANG, NSPO

Enhanced Actions for Water Disaster Warming System and Evacuation - Yi-Fong Wang, 
Water Resource Agency, MOEA 

11:10~11:20 Photo Session
12:20~11:30 Coffee Break


3D GIS Virtual Reality Showcase - Ching-Yao Lin, Terry Yeh, Fang-Pang Lin, NCHC

12:10~13:30 Lunch
Plenary Talk
Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin 
Taiwan Long Term Observation for Ocean Research - Forng-Chen Chiu,                 Taiwan Ocean Research Institute 
15:10~15:30 Coffee Break
15:30~16:20 Addressing the Environmental Challenges in Asia-Pacific using the Sensor Cloud - Hock-Beng Lim, Nanyang Technology University
16:20~17:30 Institutional Reports From Southeast Asia @ 3D Theater
18:00~20:30 Dinner


Day 2 (1 Dec. Tuesday) - Geo-Science & Tele-Science
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater  (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin)
09:00~10:30 Hybrid Prototypes in Collaborative Working Environment - Uwe Woesser, HLRS 
10:30~10:50 Coffee Break
Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater  (Moderator: Te-Ling Chung)
10:50~12:00 Development of an Ontology-based Service Oriented Architecture Framework for National Geographic Information System in Taiwan - Chin-Hong Sun, TGIC
12:00~13:30 Lunch
Parallel Sessions Lectures @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Hsiu-Mei Chou) Tutorial @ Classroom A
13:30~14:00 Visualization and Collaboration Environment for High End Applications on Virtual Reality - Kum Won Chou, KISTI DRBL & Clonezilla Hands-On
14:00~14:50  High Performance Computing in 2D and 3D Image Processing - Concetto Spampinato, Universita' di Catania
14:50~15:30 Institutional Reports from Southeast Asia Countries
15:30~15:50 Coffee Break
15:50~18:00 Visit Yoshine Helicopters Inc.
18:00~20:30 Banquet
Day 3 (2 Dec. Wednesday) ─ HPC & Networking
 Plenary Talk @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin)
09:00~10:00 Building a Showcase of Using Ubiquitous Technology in a Museum Context - Kuo-Ping Lin, National Palace Museum
10:00~11:00 TWAREN Current Status and Future Development, Te-Lung Liu, NCHC
11:00~11:20 Coffee Break
11:20~12:10 Parallel Visualization on Display Wall -  Tung-Ju Hsieh, National Taipei University of Technology
12:10~13:40 Lunch Break  (Introduction of Central Taiwan Science Park, DVD play at 13:20)
 Parallel Sessions Lectures @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Yi-Haur Hsiau) Tutorial @ Classroom A
13:40~14:00 The Integration of of Open API and 3D Acceleration Instrument for Spatial Information Service, Sheng-Ming Wang, National Taitung University Colife Hands-on
14:00~14:20 Minorities Digital Opportunity Empowerment and Local Community Industries Promotion by Using ICT: Taitung Experiences, Sheng-Ming Wang, National Taitung University
14:20-14:40 Cloud Computing For "Google-like" Video Analytics - Dr Davie Tan
14:40~15:10 Cloud Computing/HPC from National Technology University, Singapore - SOH Yeng Chai , Nanyang Technology University
15:10~15:30 Coffee Break
 Parallel Sessions Lectures @ 3D Theater (Moderator: Yi-Haur Shiau) Tutorial @ Classroom A
15:30~16:30 Current Telescience in e-Heritage & Optical Network applications - Dr. Shinji Shimojo, NICT Colife Hands-on
16:30~ 16:50 Central Taiwan Science park: Now and Future CTSP
16:50~17:30 Institutional Reports From Southeast Asia @ 3D Theater
18:00~21:00 Dinner / Culture Exchange



Day 4 (3 Dec. Thursday) ─ Bio-Science & Telescience @ Huisun Experimental Forest (by Invitation Only)
Session 1 (Moderator: Wilfred Li) @ Conferene Room of Huisun
10:00~10:50 International Collaborative Environment for Team Science in Avian Flu, Wilfred Li, UCSD
10:50~11:40 Toward Large-scale Computational Assessment of Protein-Ligand Interactions, Jung-Hsin Lin, Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia Sinica
11:40~12:10 Application of Ubiquitous Computing for  H1N1 - Bonita Hung, NCHC
12:10~13:30 Lunch
13:30~14:30 Practice of Electronic Medical Records - A Success story in CYCH Taiwan, Mei-Ling Hsu, Chia-Yi Christian Hospital
14:30~15:30 Grid and E-Science: Discovering and Exploiting the Future - Yoshio Tanaka, AIST
15:30~18:00 Forest Experience
Day 5 (4 Dec. Friday) ─ Bio-Science & Telescience @ Huisun Experimental Forest (by Invitation Only)
Session 1 (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin) @ Conferene Room of Huisun
09:00~10:30 Discussions on New Inter-Institutional Collaboration From Southeast Asia
10:30~18:00 Culture Tour



Conference Venues
11/30~12/02 National Center for High Performance Computing at Taichung
12/03~12/04 Huisun Experiment Forest, National Chung-Hsin University
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