Southeast Asia International Joint Research and Training Program in High-Performance Computing Applications and Networking Technology
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Invited Speakers

Dr. Wilfred Li

Wilfred Li is the executive director of the National Biomedical Computation Resource and a senior fellow in Bioinformatics at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, both at UCSD. He also shares technical leadership (with Peter Arzberger) of the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) and is an adjunct lecturer at Osaka University, Japan.
Li's research has focused on a wide range of topics related to biology and computing, including gene regulation of the mammalian GRP78/Bip protein, signaling pathways of Arsenite-induced MKP inhibition and MAPK activation, development of bioinformatics databases, prediction of protein structures, large-scale genome annotation, and applications of cluster and grid computing.

Dr. Thanh N. Truong
University. of Utah, USA

Thanh N. Truong is a professor of Chemistry in University of Utah. His research interests includes: Development and application of theoretical and computational methods for studying structure, reactivity, spectroscopy of chemical processes in gas phase, in solution, at solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces, in zeolies, and in biological systems. Development and application of grid enabled cyber-infrastructure for research, collaboration, and education in computational science and engineering.

Dr. Radha Nandkumar

Dr. Radha Nandkumar is currently the Director of NCSA’s Campus Relations and International Affiliations Programs. In this role, she has implemented a very well recognized and successful NCSA/UIUC Faculty Fellows Program that funds projects with a potential for success by introducing several dozens of faculty from multidisciplinary, cross-cutting themes across the UIUC campus to computational science and to exploit the resources of NCSA and associated information technologies into their research disciplines. Nearly sixty faculty members from different units of campus have been privileged to be NCSA/UIUC Faculty Fellows in the last 6 years. In addition to enhancing the visibility for their research and their research potential, each one of them have also seen a significant diversity and increase in their funding base, following their affiliation with this Program.

Ms. Cindy Zheng

Ms. Cindy Zheng has been involved with PRAGMA since its inception in 2002. She joined PRAGMA in 2004 and has been working as the coordinator in PRAGMA grid. Prior to joining PRAGMA, Cindy worked at the San Diego Supercomputer Center; she graduated from UCSD with a BA in computer science.

Dr. Shinji ShimojoOsaka
University, Japan

Dr. Shinji Shimojo is co-lead of the PRAGMA Telesciences Working Group. He is Vice Director of the Cybermedia Center (CMC) of Osaka University. He is also the Leader of one of the key core activities of the BioGrid Project in Japan (, on Remote Data Collection System Technology. Furthermore, he is on the steering committee of the Life Sciences Grid Symposium activity and has helped launch the Life Sciences Grid Research Group in the Global Grid Forum.

Dr. Jurgen P. Schulze

Jurgen Schulze is a Project Scientist at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology in San Diego. He received his doctorate degree in computer science from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and a M.S. degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. In Stuttgart he worked under the leadership of Professor Thomas Ertl and Dr. Ulrich Lang on his dissertation entitled "Interactive Volume Rendering in Virtual Environments" and completed his degree requirements in August 2003. After his graduation he conducted postdoctoral research with Professor Andries van Dam at Brown University and with Professor Thomas DeFanti at the University of California San Diego. His major research interests are scientific visualization in virtual environments, human-computer interaction, real-time volume rendering, and graphics algorithms on programmable graphics hardware.

Mr. Mason J. Katz

Mason J. Katz is Group Leader for Cluster Development at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Katz received his B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona. He worked for five years as an embedded software engineer on networks of lightning detection sensors. Following this, he spent three years working at the University of Arizona on network security protocols (IPSec) and operating systems (x-kernel, Scout). He has spent the last six years working on MS Windows and Linux commodity clustering (HPVM, Rocks). The focus of his current work is on the Rocks Clustering Distribution, a complete software stack building high-performance computing clusters. In addition, Katz is involved in Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA), having served as co-chair for two meetings and co-lead for the Resources Working Group.

Dr. Satoshi Sekiguchi
AIST, Japan

Satoshi Sekiguchi was born in 1959, received B.S. from Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1982, and M. SE. from University of Tsukuba in 1984 respectively. He joined Electrotechnical Laboratory, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology in 1984 to engage research in high performance and parallel computing widely from the computer architecture, compiler, numerical algorithm, performance evaluation as well as its applications. He served as the deputy director of Research Institute of Information Technology, AIST in 2001, and is currently the founding director of Grid Technology Research Center (GTRC), AIST since 2002. He is a member of IEEE, SIAM, IPSJ, and is a chair of the SIGHPC.
He also had been serving as one of the steering committee members of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) till 2003, and now a member of OGF advisory committee. Since the dawn of grid era, he has been one of technology and community leaders, who is in particular one of the PIs of the Ninf project since 1995 being developed as a reference implementation of current GridRPC OGF standard draft, the founder of the Asia Pacific Grid partnership (ApGrid), one of sub-leaders of NAREGI project and chairing Japan Grid Consortium (JpGrid).